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Here at Focus Insurance, we pride ourselves on being a premier life insurance company.

When looking for a life insurance company, look no further than Focus Insurance. We offer superior coverage in life insurance, along with all of our other coverage options.

Where insuring your life is concerned, there are two main types of life insurance, and at Focus Insurance, we offer both! There are benefits for each of these types:

Term Life Insurance:

  • Covers you for a period or “term” of your life
  • Lower premiums for the coverage, though the coverage does expire once the term is over
  • If you wish to renew term coverage, it is possible that your premiums will rise

Whole Life Insurance:

  • Unlike term coverage, whole life insurance will make sure your life insurance company protects you for life
  • Though the premiums of whole life coverage may be higher than term coverage, the policy can be more valuable in the long run
  • Because whole life coverage has a guaranteed payout, the policy can build equity and has a cash value

When considering the benefits of the two types of life insurance, let one of our trusted insurance agents help to determine which might be better suited for your needs. While another life insurance company may have you fill out an online quote form and never speak with you, Focus Insurance wants to be there with you through every step of the life insurance process.

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