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Non Owners SR22 Insurance

Non owners insurance is liability insurance for any vehicle that your drive but do not own, or have in your regular possession.

We sell many non owner policies with SR22 filings to help drivers get their drivers license back, and get them back on the road. Non owner’s is the perfect solution for someone that needs to get their license back, but does not currently own a vehicle.

The non owners give the liability protection that the state requires, and the SR22 is what is filed with the state to prove this driver has the responsible coverage in place that is required for them to have a license.

Caution: If a liability policy with an SR22 lapses, that is when immediate notice goes to the state. The state will then begin the suspension process of the drivers license all over again.

Broad Form:

Some states offer what is called a broad form policy. This covers more than a standard non-owners in that you can also list vehicles that you own. It will cover vehicles that you own and also vehicles that you don’t own but are not in your regular possession. It offers coverage for cars, trucks, or SUV, but not for motorcycles or recreational vehicles. And does not work for commercial purposes.

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