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At Focus Insurance, we are proud to offer liability coverage for local, regional, and nationwide wholesalers and distributors. Our liability policy is designed to protect your business at every critical juncture along the distribution pipeline. We can design a wholesalers and distributors insurance policy that can indemnify your business from a host of risks. In fact, our risk assessment specialists can help you pinpoint some risks you may not have even been aware of.

Wholesalers and distributors deal with bulk goods and bulkier equipment and facilities. Moving pallets stacked with crates filled with goods from across the globe requires specific vehicles and potentially hazardous tools. At Focus Insurance we specialize in protecting your drivers, teams, and even the goods earmarked for distribution. Consider the fact that the International Labor Office (ILO), expects approximately 270 million workplace accidents every year – then consider your work environment and your bottom line.

Make sure you have the proper wholesalers or distributors insurance policy by consulting the experienced agents at Focus Insurance today. You can reach us at 866-523-6287 or by filling out the form on this page.

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