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Workers Compensation Benefits

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Having workers compensation benefits can protect both the business owner and the employees of your business.

It is because of employees that businesses are able to flourish. This is why most states require companies with more than a designated amount of employees to have workers compensation benefits.

Though it is possible for employees to opt out of the coverage, if the protection is not at least offered, states have the right to fine you or your business for not having the required workers compensation. Missouri, the state that the Focus Insurance office is located, for example, does requires that businesses with employees provide workers compensation benefits. Though our office is located in Missouri, we offer insurance policies in 38 States including Illinois, California, Texas, Virginia, Florida, and many more.

Our typical policy for workers compensation, in Missouri or any other state we serve, includes the following:

  • Medical Costs
  • Lost Wages Or Income
  • Expenses For Rehabilitation
  • Death Benefits
  • And More

If you are interested in learning the requirements for workers compensation benefits in your state, or want to get started creating a worker’s compensation policy for your business, fill out the online quote form or call us at 866-523-6287 now. Don’t hesitate, an insurance representative is always available to speak with you!

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