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Missouri Flood Insurance coverage

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Flood Insurance in Missouri

Imagine the pain of losing your possessions due to flood damage. A few inches of water can cause damage costing thousands of dollars. The unpredictability of when a flood might occur makes it important to have flood insurance in place. If you are in Missouri, we at Focus Insurance in St. Louis / Eureka, MO can help you acquire flood insurance that meets your needs. We have an excellent team of agents, and we understand the needs of the local people.

What is flood insurance?

This is a type of property insurance. It offers specific coverage against property loss from flooding.

A flood insurance policy has the following coverage:

  • Building coverage - The physical structure of your home or non-residential property is protected by this coverage. If a flood occurs and damages the structure, the insurance company meets the cost of repairing.
  • Contents coverage - A flood can damage your personal belongings such as clothing, furniture, and much more. Replacing personal items can be very expensive. This coverage reimburses you if your personal items are damaged by a flood.
  • Replacement coverage - A flood can destroy your home entirely. This coverage meets the cost of replacing your home if that happens.

Like every other insurance policy, flood insurance has exclusions. Some of this exclusions include plants, wells, septic systems, walkways, fences, boat houses, and cars. Also, things that should be in a bank or a safe deposit box such as cash and stock certificates are not covered.

It's wise to purchase your flood insurance policy from a reputable independent insurance agency. A reputable agency will have agents who will help you understand your policy. Flood damage and water damage are not the same, and you should always good ask for clarification from the agent serving you.

Regardless of where you are in Missouri, you can call or visit us at Focus Insurance in Eureka, MO to get your flood insurance policy. We care and will focus on protecting your property.


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