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Missouri Motorcycle insurance coverage

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Motorcycle Insurance in Missouri

Do you own a motorcycle and are wondering whether you need to get separate insurance coverage?

Owning a bike comes with new responsibilities, and that's why every motorbike owner in Missouri is required by the state to show that they are financially responsible for any liability claims even before the registration is issued. You legally need to have proof of insurance before you register and ride your motorbike on state roads. Here at Focus Insurance, we can provide reliable insurance coverage for those in St. Louis, Eureka and throughout the state of Missouri.

How to establish financial responsibility

Your financial responsibility can be established in the following ways:

  • Buying a liability insurance policy
  • Securities/cash deposits
  • Choosing to self-insure (mainly done by religious organizations and companies)
  • Placing a bond or deposit with the revenue department

Missouri motorcycle insurance requirements

If you want to fulfill the motorcycle insurance requirements in Missouri, you need to have a liability insurance plan for covering expenses associated with bodily injuries and property damage suffered by others after causing an accident. A motorcycle insurance policy must have a minimum coverage limit in one accident. We can offer you more information on these standard minimum requirements.

So, before you can get your motorcycle insurance quote, remember that your policy should at least surpass the minimum state requirements. In most cases, these limits aren't sufficient to offer the financial protection you require - consider buying higher limits.

How insurance affects helmet requirements

Every motorcycle rider is required to wear a helmet while riding. However, this doesn't affect insurance premiums.

Effects of failing to maintain financial responsibility

You can get into a lot of trouble if you drive your motorcycle around without proof of insurance. Some of the penalties you can get include license suspension, four points on your driving record, or a supervision order that lets the state monitor you.

To avoid such penalties, consider contacting us at Focus Insurance and we will help you get suitable insurance coverage for your motorcycle.


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