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Missouri umbrella insurance coverage

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Umbrella Insurance in Missouri

If you are sued by third-party individuals or businesses, your primary insurance policies (home, auto, boat, renters, etc.) will most likely cover the damages. However, in the event of a major loss such as severe accidents and large lawsuits, your primary insurance may not carry enough coverage to cater for all damages. That's when umbrella insurance comes into play. Without it, you'll have to personally cater for any excess damages that go beyond what your primary insurance policy provides.

It's important to note that umbrella insurance is a liability policy. Severe injuries and major lawsuits may be rare, but when they occur, it's hard to recover from them and could render you or your St. Louis / Eureka, MO business bankrupt. That's why you need umbrella insurance with Focus Insurance to fully protect your income and assets. Our agents have been helping the residents of St. Louis and Eureka, MO evaluate risk exposures for quite some time and will help you ascertain the amount of coverage you need to fill the gaps left by your primary policies.

Still a bit unclear on what umbrella insurance in Missouri covers? Well, this insurance policy provides coverage for:

  • Bodily injuries
  • Property damage
  • Certain lawsuits

On top of that, umbrella insurance provides additional liability protection that you may not have with your primary policies. For instance, it offers protection against personal liability situations such as slander, libel, malicious prosecution, false arrest, and invasion of privacy. It can also cover damages that you may cause while in another country.

With that said, umbrella insurance does not cover certain situations like:

  • Intended or expected accidents
  • Business losses
  • Criminal intentions
  • Punitive damages

No matter where you are in Missouri, Focus Insurance offers a wide range of affordable and reliable umbrella insurance policies that suit your needs. It only takes one major lawsuit to put everything you own in jeopardy. You've worked so hard to build your wealth, and you can't just watch it go down the drain. Therefore, contact us today to get protection against financially crippling lawsuits and accidents that may go beyond your normal policy limits. Contact our agents for more information.


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