What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

If you live in Eureka, MO, you may have heard the term "umbrella insurance" fly around a few times. You may have no idea what this term means. Luckily, the experts at Focus Insurance have put together a handy guide to the in’s and out’s of umbrella insurance to help you get the scoop on the umbrella insurance basics. Learn how you can stay protected with umbrella insurance and visit Focus Insurance for a consultation. 

What Is Umbrella Insurance? 

Umbrella insurance is a type of insurance that provides financial coverage for areas in which your other insurance policies don’t provide coverage. For example, if your health insurance covers hospital stays for three days, umbrella insurance could cover you in the event that you need to stay in the hospital for longer than three days. Here are some of the areas in which umbrella insurance can provide coverage: 

  • Liability
  • Injury
  • Property damage
  • Auto accident
  • Medical costs

These are just some of the areas in which umbrella insurance can provide coverage and fill in the gaps left open by your other existing policies. The type of coverage and amount of coverage you receive will depend upon the insurance policy you choose. Visit Focus Insurance to get a consultation. 

Why Is Umbrella Insurance Important? 

Even though you already may have some existing insurance policies like auto or health, it’s important to have extra coverage that can fill in the gaps. It’s always better to have coverage and never need it than it is to never have coverage and find yourself needing it. Umbrella insurance can provide that extra layer of relief. 

Stay Covered with Focus Insurance

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