Three Times You Should Invest in Umbrella Insurance

The investment in umbrella insurance offers an added level of security to protect against liability claims made against you. Knowing when you need that extra support is critical. While not everyone will benefit from this type of insurance coverage, there are some instances in which it can be critically important to protecting your financial well-being.

At Focus Insurance, we help clients in Eureka, MO, purchase umbrella insurance that meets their needs, including those in the following situations.

1. You Have a High Net Worth

If you have a high net worth, meaning you have a significant amount of savings or other valuable assets, you should have umbrella insurance to protect those assets from claims made against you. Investing in extra coverage helps to minimize the risk of losing those assets if someone has a reason to sue you.

2. You Own Investment Property

Those who own investment property can also benefit from the investment in umbrella insurance. It allows you to protect against risks that could impact you should someone suffer an injury on or in that property. This could include guests using a rental property, for example. 

3. You Own a Business

Though commercial insurance is necessary for most companies, umbrella insurance can help business owners gain an extra level of protection that’s often critical. It helps protect your personal assets, too, from claims made against your business, and that can reduce a great deal of risk to both your personal and business assets.

Choose the Right Type and Level of Coverage for You

Umbrella insurance is not just for the wealthy or business owners but for anyone who wants added protection against the risks of lawsuits (which can happen to anyone). Discuss your needs with our team at Focus Insurance. We serve clients throughout Eureka, MO, and the surrounding areas.