Is getting a home insurance policy in Missouri a good idea?

Owning a home in the Eureka, MO area is a great long-term option. When you own your own property, you will have a consistent place to live and can take advantage of the long-term benefits that come with owning property instead of renting. If you are going to purchase a home in the Eureka area, you should carefully consider your insurance needs. There are several reasons why getting a home insurance policy is a good idea.

Provides Valuable Coverage

One of the main reasons to get a home insurance policy is that it can provide you with very valuable coverage. If you own a property, you will have a major asset that needs to be protected. With a home insurance policy, you will get coverage for your valuable assets, including your dwelling and personal belongings. You can also get a liability insurance policy to protect against this risk.

Ensures Compliance

Another reason why it is a good idea to get a home insurance policy is that it can ensure compliance. There are several situations when having this insurance coverage is a requirement. Those that live in an association or have a mortgage will likely have mortgage requirements. If you do have this insurance coverage in place, you will stay in compliance with your lender and home association. 

As you are shopping for home insurance in the Eureka, MO area, you should call the team at Focus Insurance. When you reach out to the team at Focus Insurance, you can learn a lot more about how home insurance can protect you and your valuable assets. The team here will also help to provide you with the guidance and support you need to pick a policy that is right for your situation. 

Why do I need a home inventory

The simple answer to the question "Why do I need a home inventory" is that unless you have a flawless memory, the chances are that if a catastrophic event happens to your home, you are not going to remember everything that you owned. Think about the pictures you have seen of tornado victims with their possessions strewn across two counties. You may get an idea of why a home inventory may be a good idea. At Focus Insurance in Eureka, MO, we will be happy to give you ideas about the hows and whys of a home inventory. 

There are so many bad things that can happen. If your whole house is consumed by fire, including your photographs and records, how are you going to prove to the insurance company what you had in your home before the fire? You want to make sure that you collect as much as possible to be able to replace your precious possession. Try doing it right now. Think about everything you have. For example, in your kitchen, write it down just for fun. Now go into your kitchen and write down precisely what is in there. If you are like most people, you missed a lot of things. Your home inventory can also help you when filing taxes after a disaster. 

When it comes to purchasing your home insurance, to make sure that your contents coverage is correct, you need to know what you have and what the value is. The home inventory will help you when talking to your insurer to make sure that you get adequate coverage. 

At Focus Insurance in Eureka, MO, we have years of experience helping our customers get the coverage they need. Stop by our office or give us a call to set up an appointment for a no-obligation quote. 

Important tips for protecting your home while you are away.

The holidays are around the corner. Most of us will be leaving our homes for vacations outside of Eureka, MO or across the border. That means our homes are left vulnerable to elements and burglars.

At Focus Insurance, we recommend planning and taking a few precautions to tighten security. This will help you have peace of mind while you enjoy your vacation.

Here are a few tips to help you protect your home.

Install a smart security system

With today’s modern technology, it is possible to tell who is entering your house without physically being there. Smart home security systems can either detect motion or take snapshots of the intruder. Depending on your needs, you may want to purchase a system that sends you signals of the status of your home straight to your smartphone.

Invest in smart lights

If a security system doesn’t fit in your budget, smart lamps, switch, or plugs can help you achieve a great deal of security. When installed, smart lights can keep your home lively and trick intruders that you are home. You can turn them on and off through your phone from wherever you are.

Install strong locks

Sometimes technology fails. Having sturdy doors and locks means that burglars will have a difficult time trying to unlock your door. Durable doors also protect your home from elements, insects, and animals.

Purchase home insurance

Lastly, you need a home insurance policy. Home insurance is a guaranteed way of safeguarding your home if the worse comes to the worst. If your home was broken into, your insurer could replace the broken or stolen items.

Your home is the most valuable asset. Protecting it should be your biggest priority. If you need more information regarding security or insurance, call or visit us at Focus Insurance in Eureka, MO today.


3 Tips for Protecting Your Home While You’re On Vacation

Going on vacation is a time to relax and let go of the frustrations associated with everyday life. The agents of Focus Insurance are dedicated to helping Eureka, MO residents relax while they are away by giving them the peace of mind they need to feel secure. They can provide many tips on how to protect your home from intruders, keeping everything safe and secure until you arrive home.

Set a Timer for Your Lights

Timers can be used for both your indoor and outdoor lights, making it look like you are at home and that you are moving from one room to another. Timers are set to times that recreate your normal schedule so that it appears you are keeping the same routine.

Stop Newspaper and Mail Delivery

Piles of newspapers and mail in the mailbox are a dead giveaway to intruders that no one is home. Make sure to stop both deliveries prior to your leaving. The post office will hold your mail and re-establish service once you return home. 

Install a Home Security System

Installing a home security system will accomplish several things. First, a professionally monitored system will ensure that any alerts will result in local authorities being notified. Secondly, most systems offer a mobile app that can be placed on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you an opportunity to view your home at any time and from anywhere.

The agents at Focus Insurance will help you prepare for your vacation and give you a variety of tips you can follow to secure your home before you leave. If you live in Eureka, MO, schedule your meeting today so you can enjoy your vacation tomorrow. 

Because the Home is Where the Heart Is

Insurance is one of the most common ways people protect the things they value. For many in Eureka, MO, that means home insurance because, like most of us, the home is where the heart is. That doesn’t mean, however, than any home insurance policy is the right policy for you. At Focus Insurance, the goal is to do more than offer you home insurance but home insurance that fits.

The Right Insurance Policy

Everything changes and that includes your home. From the size to improvements and upgrades and even location, the right insurance partner is the one that will change with you. One article that discussed the increasing home appreciation value in places like Eureka, MO said this:

"Buyers want to know that the property they are buying is well worth what they are going to pay for it. Fortunately, for those living in or relocating to Missouri the options are plentiful."

While the appreciation of your home is one change, countless others will also contribute to determining what the best policy is for you. That means coverage that meets your needs and protects what you care about because the best plan is the one that fits your home and your life.

Because It’s Home

It may be your first home or your fifth, it is yours, and it is the place you call home. We know all the practical and responsible reasons for protecting our investment, but this is about more than money – this is where the heart is. 

If you need to update your policy, want to compare plans, or if you would just like to know more about our home insurance options, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Home is where the heart is – and we can never be too careful with our heart.

Standard home owners insurance: What is covered!

Focus Insurance’s homeowners’ insurance policies commonly come with certain essential types of coverage against losses brought about by theft, accidents, and disasters, but often at times, they can be customized to meet an individual homeowner’s unique needs. A standard policy, however, does not cover any damage caused by earthquakes, flooding, or regular wear and tear.

Standard homeowners insurance typically covers four critical types of hazards which include:

1. Coverage for the structure of your dwelling

In most cases, it is made up of coverage that may help pay to repair or replace your home and belongings damaged or destroyed by fire, accidents, theft or any other disasters listed in your policy. Most policies may also cover costs of accidental damage to another person’s property or detached structures such as a garage. It is important to purchase enough coverage to rebuild your home when purchasing a policy for your home structure.

2. Coverage for personal belongings

Homeowners insurance also offers personal property protection. These include your furniture and other personal items in case of theft or destruction by any other insured disasters. In order to determine how much of this coverage will be enough, it is important to conduct a home inventory. For expensive items like jewelry, consider purchasing a special personal property endorsement in order to insure their full value or it’s officially appraised value.

3. Liability protection

If someone is not living with you or lawsuits for bodily injury or property damage that your family members cause to other people are filed against you, then a typical homeowners insurance policy will provide liability coverage for you. You can deliberate purchasing an excess or an umbrella liability policy for extensive coverage and higher liability restrictions.

4. Additional living expense

This coverage pays for the additional cost of living away from your home in case you cannot stay there due to damages caused by one of the insured disasters. In most cases, it has limits, both time limits and cost limits.

If you are a homeowner in Missouri looking for insurance coverage for your home, then look no further. At Focus Insurance in Eureka, MO, our insurance agents will create a suitable policy to fit the unique needs of your home. Visit or call our offices in Eureka, MO to get a quote.