Why do people need umbrella insurance in Eureka?

If you are a resident of the Eureka, MO area, there are many forms of insurance coverage that could be beneficial to have. A type of insurance coverage that you should consider getting is umbrella insurance. There are a few reasons why someone in this part of the state will need to get an umbrella plan. 

Umbrella Coverage Offers Additional Protection

A key reason that you will want to have an umbrella insurance plan is that it will give you additional coverage on top of any current policies you have. Home and auto policies offer some good liability protection but the coverage is limited to the policy cap. If there is a bad accident that exceeds the base plan, the umbrella insurance policy will start to provide you with additional liability protection. This is helpful if you are ever at fault for an accident that has very bad damages.

Umbrella Coverage Covers More Risks

You should also consider getting an umbrella insurance plan as it will cover more risks. A full umbrella insurance plan covers a rather wide range of risks. This can include a variety of liability risks that you may not have thought about otherwise, which are likely not covered by a home or auto insurance plan. This can give you peace of mind that you are prepared for the unexpected. 

There are clearly many reasons that make getting an umbrella insurance plan a good option for those that are in the Eureka, MO area. As you are looking for a new umbrella coverage plan in this area, it would be a good idea to speak with Focus Insurance. As you are looking for a new insurance plan, Focus Insurance can provide the insight you need to determine what type and level of coverage is right for your situation. 

Is your life insurance policy still valid?

Life insurance is something that many individuals do not realize they need. In actuality, a good life indemnity policy can help your loved ones take care of financial responsibilities that you leave behind in Eureka, MO. Is your life insurance plan still valid, though? Focus Insurance can help you understand your policy.

Does a life insurance plan last forever?

A life insurance policy does not necessarily last forever. A whole indemnity plan is valid throughout the entire life cycle as long as you pay the monthly premium in a timely manner. Term life insurance, on the other hand, only lasts for a period of time. 

Many term indemnity plans cover the policyholder for five to ten years. There are other options that provide insurance for up to 20 years, which may come with higher monthly premiums. 

Why do people choose term over whole life insurance?

Whole life insurance tends to be more involved and expensive than a term indemnity policy. Whole life insurance may require you to undergo a physical exam by a doctor in Eureka, MO. 

Term life insurance is oftentimes granted after answering a few questions. Thus, individuals with health conditions that would disqualify them from obtaining a whole life insurance plan tend to gravitate towards term indemnity coverage. Young adults may also see more benefits in term coverage over whole life insurance as they may get more coverage at a cheaper monthly premium rate. 

Is your life insurance plan still valid?

Your life insurance policy may not be valid if you have term coverage. An agent at Focus Insurance can help you understand your current plan and determine if it is time to purchase a new life insurance policy. Call Focus today to get started with a quote for coverage.

Who can I add to my auto policy

In the state of Missouri, you are required to have basic auto insurance. This means basic liability coverage of 25/50/25 and uninsured motorist coverage of 25/50. Your auto insurance will cover all the vehicles you own. Most people have one insurance policy for all of their vehicle and all their immediate family members. When you are in the market for auto insurance Focus Insurance in Eureka MO we have been in business for more than 20 years and offer our customers insurance products from 15 national carriers. 

Auto insurance can be considered a family affair. All of the family members who live in your home can and should be added to your policy. You and your spouse or partner will be the primary insured members and then any other licensed drivers who may drive your car. This includes your children but it can also include grandchildren, nieces and nephews, in-laws, and any family members who actually live in your home and will be driving your vehicles. 

If you have children who have moved out of the house but who you still support, they can also be listed on your auto policy. This means college students get to stay on their parent’s policy. Once a child owns a home or apartment they are considered financially independent and need to get their own policy. If your child marries they need their own policy unless they live with you. 

If you have a caregiver who will be using your vehicle regularly, you should talk to your insurance carrier to see if they need to be listed on your policy as well. But since the insurance is on your vehicle, they may not need to be listed. 

At Focus Insurance in Eureka, MO, we are locally owned and operated and we are here to help you chose the best auto policy for your needs. 

Common Myths About Home Insurance

Home insurance is something every homeowner needs. It protects the structure of a homeowner, the home itself, all personal belongings inside the house. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths about this type of insurance. To help make sure that your house is properly covered, here is the list of most common myths prepared by Focus Insurance serving Eureka, MO that need to be debunked:

Myth 1: Flood Is Covered By Standard Home Insurance

Standard home insurance covers different kinds of natural disasters, including tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards. However, a flood is an exception. If you live in a flood-prone area and you want to make sure that your property is fully protected, you will have to get a separate flood insurance policy.

Myth 2: All Personal Belongings Are Covered

The truth is that home insurance has its limits. Even though it covers personal belongings, it may not cover all of them. Therefore, if you have expensive and valuable items in the house, you should get an additional policy to protect them. 

Myth 3: Renters Are Covered By the Policy of Their Landlord

If you rent an apartment and it is destroyed by fire or gets hit by thieves, the landlord’s policy will not cover all damages and losses. Personal belongings will not be covered either. Therefore, if you are a renter, it is important to have renters insurance. Unfortunately, according to the statistics, only about 18% of renters have it. 

Home insurance is the most important type of insurance that every homeowner should have. Even though homeowners’ insurance is not required by law in Missouri, most lenders will require you to purchase it. Now you know the most common myths about it and will be able to find a perfect policy. If you need help or you want to know more about home insurance, do not hesitate to contact Focus Insurance serving Eureka, MO – our insurance agents are here for you. 

3 Winter Boat Maintenance Tips

The winter comes every year in Eureka, MO and that means it’s time to store your boat. She was put to good use over the warmer months, but now it’s time to winterize her. At Focus Insurance, we’ve put together three easy tips even first-time boat owners can follow when it comes time to pull your boat out of the water. Read on to learn more.

1. Properly Store Your Boat

Choose between inside or outside storage.

     Inside – Choose between dry-stacked storage, garage storage, or a boat storage facility. Each has its own pros and cons. For example, dry-stacked storage keeps your boat safe from the elements, but it might not be available when you want it. As for garage storage, one pro is cost while one con is leaving limited space for other vehicles. Boat storage facilities can be pricey, but your boat is available whenever you want it.

    Outside – Choose between parking on a trailer in your yard, a covered boat storage facility, or an outdoor boat storage facility. Keeping the boat on your property is economical, however, the best choice could very well be a covered outdoor storage facility that offers the least amount of exposure to the elements. When choosing to store your boat outside, it must be covered to keep it in good condition.

2. Winterize Your Boat

The key is to get rid of and keep away any moisture. To prep your boat for winter in Eureka, MO, make sure all water has been drained, removed, and wiped dry. Next, you’ll need to apply corrosion protection to the engine.  Complete fogging, stabilize the fuel system, change engine filters, drain all sinks, tanks, and heads, and add antifreeze to the systems. 

To learn about purchasing boat insurance contact Focus insurance today.

3. Get all Repairs Done

Did your boat take a beating over the summer? If so, she’ll probably need some repairs along with routine maintenance before winterizing. Consult your owner’s manual on what needs to be done and consult a boat mechanic for the tasks you need help with. 

What is included with a home insurance policy?

Having proper insurance protection is extremely important. One asset that you need to make sure is properly covered by insurance is your home. For those that own a home in the Eureka, MO area, a great way to protect property is with home insurance. This type of insurance will provide you with a variety of different forms of coverage and protection

Coverage for Dwelling

One important component of your home insurance policy is coverage for your dwelling. Repairing or rebuilding a home after a fire or bad weather could be very expensive and stressful. When you have a home insurance policy, you are going to receive the coverage and protection you need to repair or rebuild your home.

Coverage for Personal Assets

With home insurance, you will also receive coverage for your personal assets. Anyone will have a considerable amount invested in electronics, furniture, and other personal assets that could be lost if there is ever significant damage. When you have home insurance, you will have a component of your policy that will cover your personal belongings. If you have any expensive items, which could include art, jewelry or collectibles, you should consider getting an additional rider to your home insurance policy to ensure they are properly covered. 

Anyone that is in Eureka, MO and has purchased their own home needs to make sure they get the right insurance in place. When you are looking for home insurance here, you should call the team at Focus Insurance. If you do call the team at Focus Insurance, you can learn a lot more about your needs and options. This will help to ensure that you are able to build and choose a policy that will offer you the right protection and coverage for your situation. 

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

If you live in Eureka, MO, you may have heard the term "umbrella insurance" fly around a few times. You may have no idea what this term means. Luckily, the experts at Focus Insurance have put together a handy guide to the in’s and out’s of umbrella insurance to help you get the scoop on the umbrella insurance basics. Learn how you can stay protected with umbrella insurance and visit Focus Insurance for a consultation. 

What Is Umbrella Insurance? 

Umbrella insurance is a type of insurance that provides financial coverage for areas in which your other insurance policies don’t provide coverage. For example, if your health insurance covers hospital stays for three days, umbrella insurance could cover you in the event that you need to stay in the hospital for longer than three days. Here are some of the areas in which umbrella insurance can provide coverage: 

  • Liability
  • Injury
  • Property damage
  • Auto accident
  • Medical costs

These are just some of the areas in which umbrella insurance can provide coverage and fill in the gaps left open by your other existing policies. The type of coverage and amount of coverage you receive will depend upon the insurance policy you choose. Visit Focus Insurance to get a consultation. 

Why Is Umbrella Insurance Important? 

Even though you already may have some existing insurance policies like auto or health, it’s important to have extra coverage that can fill in the gaps. It’s always better to have coverage and never need it than it is to never have coverage and find yourself needing it. Umbrella insurance can provide that extra layer of relief. 

Stay Covered with Focus Insurance

When it’s time to find the right coverage, visit Focus Insurance. Our office serves the Eureka, MO area. You can contact us to get a consultation and find the perfect coverage for you. 

I’m retired. Is it too late for me to invest in life insurance?

Life insurance is not very well understood. Many people aren’t sure of how this insurance works and who needs it? As a retired person, you may feel that it’s too late to invest in life insurance but this isn’t necessarily true. Life insurance can be beneficial to almost anyone. The premise of this type of insurance is quite simple. The ABC’s of how life insurance works are simple as well. Focus Insurance of Eureka, MO wants state residents to understand how life insurance works and the benefits associated with it that are available to people of all ages. 

What is Life Insurance?
Life insurance is insurance coverage that pays your beneficiaries a lump sum of money when you die. This is called a death benefit. The money can be used in any way that your beneficiaries see fit. It is a contract between you and the life insurance company. 

What Are Common Types Of Life Insurance? 
There are four basic types of life insurance. You can invest in whole life, term life, universal life, and variable life insurance. The most commonly purchased life insurance policy is whole life. Whole life insurance is designed to cover the entire life span of the policyholder if the premiums have been paid. Beneficiaries receive cash benefits upon the policyholder’s death. Term life insurance covers a policyholder for s specific number of years or time. If the policyholder dies within that specified period of time, the beneficiaries receive a cash/death benefit. Variable life insurance is life insurance with an investment policy. This insurance policy has both cash value and investment options. It works like a mutual fund. Universal life insurance has a cash value that grows according to the interest rate set by the insurance company. Focus Insurance of Eureka, MO is committed to helping you understand life insurance and its benefits and we’re also committed to helping you choose the best policy for your situation. Regardless of whether you’re a retiree or just starting out, life insurance can create peace of mind. Give us a call. We’re here to help. 

Types of Auto Insurance Coverages

Having auto insurance is crucial if you want to protect yourself and your vehicle. It is also illegal to drive without proper insurance. However, how do you know what type of coverage you need? Below there are six main types of auto insurance that are available when you purchase a policy.


It includes two parts – property damage liability and bodily injury liability. The purpose of this type of auto insurance is to pay for the other party’s vehicle repairs and medical bills in case of a road accident. 


This insurance covers repairs and the replacement of your vehicle after an accident. It also covers damage caused by collision with an object (for example, a tree or house) or an accident in which objects are not involved (for example, if the car flips). 


The goal of this type is to protect a vehicle against damages that are not caused by road accidents. For example, if a tree falls on your car, or it is stolen, comprehensive car insurance will step in and cover financial losses and repairs. 

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

It is also known as no-fault insurance. It covers your medical expenses in case of an accident regardless of whose fault it was. Coverage can also extend to other drivers included in the policy, members of your family, and passengers. 

Auto Medical Payments

It is similar to PIP coverage, but it is more limited. It covers accident-related medical expenses for you as a driver, other policyholders, your household members, and passengers.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If you are injured, or your car is damaged in an accident caused by a driver without proper auto insurance,  this type of insurance will cover car repairs and your medical bills. 

If you are a car owner living in Eureka, MO, and you are looking for auto insurance for your vehicle, contact Focus Insurance. This reliable company has been in business since 1999. Whether you are looking for a new car insurance policy or you have questions to ask, do not hesitate to call Focus Insurance, whose qualified insurance agents are more than happy to assist. 

Is getting a home insurance policy in Missouri a good idea?

Owning a home in the Eureka, MO area is a great long-term option. When you own your own property, you will have a consistent place to live and can take advantage of the long-term benefits that come with owning property instead of renting. If you are going to purchase a home in the Eureka area, you should carefully consider your insurance needs. There are several reasons why getting a home insurance policy is a good idea.

Provides Valuable Coverage

One of the main reasons to get a home insurance policy is that it can provide you with very valuable coverage. If you own a property, you will have a major asset that needs to be protected. With a home insurance policy, you will get coverage for your valuable assets, including your dwelling and personal belongings. You can also get a liability insurance policy to protect against this risk.

Ensures Compliance

Another reason why it is a good idea to get a home insurance policy is that it can ensure compliance. There are several situations when having this insurance coverage is a requirement. Those that live in an association or have a mortgage will likely have mortgage requirements. If you do have this insurance coverage in place, you will stay in compliance with your lender and home association. 

As you are shopping for home insurance in the Eureka, MO area, you should call the team at Focus Insurance. When you reach out to the team at Focus Insurance, you can learn a lot more about how home insurance can protect you and your valuable assets. The team here will also help to provide you with the guidance and support you need to pick a policy that is right for your situation.