Does auto insurance follow the car or the driver?

Missouri takes auto insurance seriously, and the consequences can be serious if you are found operating a motor vehicle without a valid insurance policy. However, there may be questions about who is covered under a particular policy and which cars are covered. Focus Insurance can answer your questions about your Eureka, MO policy.

Who Is Covered Under a Missouri Auto Insurance Policy?

The State of Missouri spells out the information you need to provide when purchasing auto insurance. You must give your new provider:

  • the name and information of the person purchasing the policy
  • the names and information of any other family members living with the policyholder, such as a spouse
  • and the name and information of any other people who have permission to drive the vehicle

Insurance companies offer rates based on risk, and they have the right to know what kind of risk they are taking. 

Can Your Insurance Company Exclude Certain Drivers?

Your auto insurance company can exclude certain drivers, even if those drivers live in your home. Even if the policy covers other individuals, it may only pay out to certain minimum policy limits.

The important thing is to read your policy to understand who is covered and who is not. If you have any questions or need additional coverage, speak with your representative about how to add that coverage.

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There are so many choices you can make regarding your auto insurance policy. What kind of protection do you need? How much protection do you need? To make the best-informed decision for yourself and your family, call Focus Insurance in Eureka, MO today for more information.