Components of a boat insurance policy

Components of a Boat Insurance Policy

Boat insurance doesn’t only cover structural damage to a boat. Similar to how auto insurance works, boat insurance offers a policy you can customize with other coverage available from Focus Insurance. For example, you can add collision or comprehensive to your liability insurance.

Boat Insurance Essentials

When you purchase the essentials of boat insurance, you get a policy with bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and physical damage coverage. These three coverage types protect you from:

  • paying out of pocket or going to court if you injure or kill another boater while operating your boat up to your policy’s limits,
  • paying out of pocket or going to court if you damage another’s boat or other property.
  • paying out of pocket for physical damage you cause to your boat or trailer whether the damage occurred on land or in the waters near Eureka MO or out of state.

Add-on Coverage

You can also add to the policy with comprehensive and collision coverage. Just as it does with auto insurance, a comprehensive component pays for weather or vandalism damage to your watercraft as well as covering when it gets stolen. The collision component pays for your boat’s repairs or replacement if you cause an accident. Other options include uninsured boater coverage. Each of these three options adds to your premium but also helps protect your watercraft investment and your financial security.

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