Auto Insurance is Mandatory – Don’t Be Caught Without It

Are you a licensed driver living in or near the Eureka, MO area? If so, the Focus Insurance professionals can provide the necessary insurance to ensure you drive legally.

Why is car insurance so important? Quite simply, it provides financial protection. Suppose you are the cause of a car accident. In that case, you will be held responsible for any expenses associated with it, including legal costs, the injured party’s medical expenses, and their lost income if they cannot work. The liability portion of the policy will cover these costs.

Insurance is important. It helps you live with peace of mind knowing that you will receive financial help if an accident occurs. The most obvious benefit of car insurance is the payment of losses. Maintaining the correct type of coverage protects you from other drivers who do not have or have inadequate insurance. Without it, you could suffer a disastrous financial setback leaving you with expensive repair costs and medical bills to pay.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing car insurance is your state’s minimum liability and property coverage amounts. Simply put, you need to maintain an auto insurance policy so you remain legal to drive. This insurance is mandatory in 48 out of 50 states. Without it, you risk losing your license and possibly paying hefty fines without it.

The three main types of car insurance coverage are:

  • Collision coverage protects your car if you hit another vehicle, person, or non-moving objects, such as a tree or fence.
  • Comprehensive coverage protects you from things that liability and collision do not cover. Theft, vandalism, fire, or weather events will be covered under this coverage.
  • Liability coverage is the most important thing every driver needs to drive legally. It protects you if you cause damage to other drivers.

Make sure you are not driving illegally. Contact Focus Insurance today for a no-obligation quote. You will be glad you did.