Important tips for protecting your home while you are away.

The holidays are around the corner. Most of us will be leaving our homes for vacations outside of Eureka, MO or across the border. That means our homes are left vulnerable to elements and burglars.

At Focus Insurance, we recommend planning and taking a few precautions to tighten security. This will help you have peace of mind while you enjoy your vacation.

Here are a few tips to help you protect your home.

Install a smart security system

With today’s modern technology, it is possible to tell who is entering your house without physically being there. Smart home security systems can either detect motion or take snapshots of the intruder. Depending on your needs, you may want to purchase a system that sends you signals of the status of your home straight to your smartphone.

Invest in smart lights

If a security system doesn’t fit in your budget, smart lamps, switch, or plugs can help you achieve a great deal of security. When installed, smart lights can keep your home lively and trick intruders that you are home. You can turn them on and off through your phone from wherever you are.

Install strong locks

Sometimes technology fails. Having sturdy doors and locks means that burglars will have a difficult time trying to unlock your door. Durable doors also protect your home from elements, insects, and animals.

Purchase home insurance

Lastly, you need a home insurance policy. Home insurance is a guaranteed way of safeguarding your home if the worse comes to the worst. If your home was broken into, your insurer could replace the broken or stolen items.

Your home is the most valuable asset. Protecting it should be your biggest priority. If you need more information regarding security or insurance, call or visit us at Focus Insurance in Eureka, MO today.


What Are The Types Of Umbrella Insurance?

When a major crisis strikes, an umbrella policy can have you covered when your standard insurance isn’t enough. Focus Insurance offers many umbrella insurance options to our friends in and around Eureka, MO. Almost every liability insurance policy you own could be a candidate for an umbrella. Here are just a few examples:

Home Umbrella Insurance

If you host a large event in your home, have frequent visitors, or plan to hire outside help an umbrella policy is an excellent addition to your homeowner’s liability coverage. When someone is injured on your property, you could be liable for their medical expenses. They may even sue. Sometimes the coverage in your standard home policy isn’t enough to cover the cost of injury expenses or your own court defenses. An umbrella policy can cover the difference when your home policy limit runs out. 

Auto Umbrella Insurance

Car accidents can quickly become a costly affair, even if you aren’t at fault. While your average auto insurance will cover most run-of-the-mill accidents, it may not be enough in the event of a major catastrophe involving several vehicles or a lot of property damage. Like home umbrella coverage, auto umbrella policies kick in when your regular coverage runs out, providing a safety net so you won’t end up paying out-of-pocket.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Owning a small business is challenging even when things are going smoothly. Your average commercial insurance may cover your operations for day-to-day hazards, but it could fall short when your business faces large suits or situations of libel, slander, or cybercrime. In these cases, an umbrella policy could cover risks that are unique to your business, where a standard policy might not. 

Don’t be left out in the cold when your liability coverage runs out. We encourage Eureka, MO residents to reach out to Focus Insurance today to learn more about umbrella insurance!

3 Tips for Buying Life Insurance in Missouri

Living in Missouri comes with so many advantages; the great outdoors, friendly people, and great sports. If you’re lucky enough to call Eureka, MO home, then you’ve found your paradise. Now, you’ll want to protect this amazing life you built by purchasing life insurance. Not sure how to get started? At Focus Insurance, we’ve put together three quick tips that will help you navigate the process a little better and show you how to save money on your life insurance policy in the process.

1. Compare Several Quotes

Your first step should be to compare several life insurance quotes. Not all policies have the same coverage and costs, so be sure to go over these factors with an insurance agent to fully understand what you’re getting and for what price. 

2. Bundle Your Policies

To save money on your new life insurance policy, bundle it with your other policies. Insurance companies love to reward their customers and will offer you a discount on your premiums when you bundle.

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

The purpose of life insurance is to financially protect your loved ones after you pass. Once you’re gone, your life insurance policy will kick in and help cover costs like burial expenses, paying off debt, day-to-day living expenses for your family and more. By working with a reputable agent from Focus Insurance, you will be able to find the right policy for your particular circumstances. A trusted agent will answer all your questions and concerns, help you compare quotes, and find ways to save you money on your premiums.

To learn more about purchasing life insurance, contact us today by calling or visiting our office in Eureka, MO. Our friendly agents are standing by to take your call. 

When Minimum Liability Coverage Doesn’t Cut It

In Missouri, drivers are required to carry two types of auto insurance:  liability and uninsured motorist.  Minimum liability amounts are defined by the state as 25/50/25.  The first 25 represents $25,000 in bodily injury for each person.  Fifty thousand is for bodily injury per accident.  The final $25,000 is for property damage.  While this seems like a lot of coverage, liability insurance only covers the medical expenses of the other person in an accident where you’re are at fault.  In the Eureka, MO area, the agents at Focus Insurance can answer all your questions.

If you cause an accident, your liability insurance will cover the other person’s expenses.  You will be responsible for your own medical and repair costs out of pocket.  Moreover, if their medical expenses exceed the policy cap, they have the right to sue you for the additional funds.  In that case, you will also be responsible for their legal fees.  Suddenly those minimum liability insurance coverage limits seem rather limiting.  

To protect yourself financially, the better option is a more comprehensive insurance policy.  A comprehensive and collision policy will take care of you even if you are hit by an uninsured/underinsured motorist.  It will cover your repair costs and medical expenses.  Many policies will also provide a rental car while your own is being fixed.  If the vehicle is a total loss, it will pay to replace it in most cases.  It will also support you if the vehicle is stolen.  It’s easy to see that for a small investment, this is a better, safer option for you and your family.

The team at Focus Insurance work with drivers throughout the Eureka, MO area.  Don’t wait until an accident happens, visit them today to discover the better way to protect yourself and your car.

3 Tips for Protecting Your Home While You’re On Vacation

Going on vacation is a time to relax and let go of the frustrations associated with everyday life. The agents of Focus Insurance are dedicated to helping Eureka, MO residents relax while they are away by giving them the peace of mind they need to feel secure. They can provide many tips on how to protect your home from intruders, keeping everything safe and secure until you arrive home.

Set a Timer for Your Lights

Timers can be used for both your indoor and outdoor lights, making it look like you are at home and that you are moving from one room to another. Timers are set to times that recreate your normal schedule so that it appears you are keeping the same routine.

Stop Newspaper and Mail Delivery

Piles of newspapers and mail in the mailbox are a dead giveaway to intruders that no one is home. Make sure to stop both deliveries prior to your leaving. The post office will hold your mail and re-establish service once you return home. 

Install a Home Security System

Installing a home security system will accomplish several things. First, a professionally monitored system will ensure that any alerts will result in local authorities being notified. Secondly, most systems offer a mobile app that can be placed on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you an opportunity to view your home at any time and from anywhere.

The agents at Focus Insurance will help you prepare for your vacation and give you a variety of tips you can follow to secure your home before you leave. If you live in Eureka, MO, schedule your meeting today so you can enjoy your vacation tomorrow. 

Insurance Coverage for Teenage Boat Drivers

Is your teen looking forward to being able to drive your family’s boat this summer? If you are adding a teenager to your crew, you may want to take another look at your boat insurance policy. The team at Focus Insurance understands that as your family grows and changes your insurance needs do to. Boat owners in the greater Eureka, MO area have long relied on our professional team to get the information and guidance that they need to better understand their boat insurance options. Because teenaged captains are less experienced, you may want to review your current policy and ensure that it provides the protection that you need.

Comprehensive Boat Coverage for All Drivers

Boating is something that most of us get better at with experience. As we understand how the water behaves we are better able to captain a boat safely. Even the most conscientious boat drivers can make mistakes, and when a young person is just starting to learn the ropes accidents can happen. Don’t let your teenager cause a mishap that could potentially cause your family to lose your craft. There are policies available that provide protection from liability, damage, and other losses. It is important that everyone who operates your boat understand how to keep the vessel and its passengers safe. Many policies will recommend that all operators take a safety course each year to refresh their skills and stay abreast of new information and regulations. When a teenager is starting to learn more about safe boat operation, these courses are quite helpful.

Want to find out more about how a comprehensive boat insurance policy can protect all operators of your vessel? The professional team at Focus Insurance is here to help you fully protect your Eureka, MO area boat.

How Do I Keep From Losing Everything If I Get Sued?

Besides worrying about making payroll and increasing sales, small business owners say that what keeps them up at night is worrying about being sued. There are plenty of good reasons to worry about this. Statistics about lawsuits in America show that businesses have a 100% probability of facing a lawsuit if they have been operating for more than a few years. In other words, it is not about if the business will be sued, it is simply a question of when it will be sued.

Protecting Your Net Worth

As a business owner, you are at risk of losing your business and potentially losing everything you have if there is a lawsuit against you and you lose. Statistic show that 75% of these lawsuits experienced by small businesses are frivolous. Even those may represent significant expenses in legal fees that are needed to be paid to protect yourself. The insurance solution that may provide protection for some of these risks is umbrella insurance.

How does umbrella insurance work?

Umbrella insurance extends the policy limits of other policies that are covered by the umbrella insurance. For example, a business may have a $1 million policy limit on commercial vehicle insurance. If the business loses a lawsuit and the claim is more than $1 million, umbrella insurance may cover the difference. If the business also has umbrella insurance coverage, which extends the commercial vehicle insurance policy limit, it will pay the amount of the claim over $1 million up to the limit of the umbrella insurance.

Typical umbrella insurance limits are in the many millions. Frequently, umbrella policies are $5 million or more. Umbrella insurance may cover the cost of legal expense and risks that are not covered by other policies.

Work with your agent at Focus Insurance, serving Eureka, MO and the surrounding area to design a custom solution of umbrella insurance coverage to protect your net worth, which provides protection for the risks experienced by the business.

Contact your agent at Focus Insurance in Eureka, MO by calling toll-free 866-523-6287 to get a quote for umbrella insurance.

Life insurance as you enter your senior years

Obtaining life insurance when you are first starting out in life makes perfect sense. You will want to provide for your spouse and children should an accident or a fatal disease takes you away from your family. But what about life insurance in your senior years? Focus Insurance serving Eureka, MO would like to explain.

First and foremost a life insurance policy as you enter your senior years is a way to pay for your final expenses. These include funeral costs, paying off any outstanding debts, including hospital and other medical bills, and a home mortgage. In that way, your heirs will not be burdened with paying the cost of such expenses.

Second, a life insurance policy is a great way to leave an inheritance to your loved ones. The payout from a life insurance policy is not subject to probate and thus can be distributed to your beneficiaries relatively quickly after your death. Your beneficiaries can include your spouse, your adult children. Or anyone else you choose to designate, such as a business partner.

It should be noted that the younger you are, the less expensive that your premiums will be. That means that you could use the same life insurance policy that you took out when you were young, adjusting details such as the identity of the beneficiaries and other details depending on your changing life circumstances. The older you are, the more difficult it will be to obtain life insurance, though with professional help it is certainly possible.

For more information on the benefits of life insurance as you enter your senior years, feel free to contact Focus Insurance serving Eureka, MO.

Tips for First Time Car Buyers Looking for Auto Insurance

For first-time car buyers, purchasing auto insurance is a big "next step." You probably have many questions regarding how much insurance you need, what it will cost, and how you can save money on an auto insurance policy in Eureka, MO. At Focus Insurance, we’re here to help. Read on to learn some important tips for first time car buyers looking for auto insurance.

The Title

Who owns the title to your new car? If you have a loan, then the bank does. But if you own the vehicle outright, then you own the title. If you’re dealing with a bank loan, then you will need full coverage. However, if you own your car, you only have to purchase the state minimum required by Missouri law.

What Type of Car Did You Buy?

This will affect the price of your insurance. For example, if you purchase a fast sports car, you can expect your insurance to be higher than if you purchase a small, four door sedan. Take this into consideration before you start looking for auto insurance in Missouri.

How Often do You Drive?

If you’re commuting only five or so miles a day, this makes a big difference compared to a commute that takes an hour or longer into a big city. The less you drive your car, the more you can save on your insurance. Talk to an agent at Focus Insurance about this to find out how you can save money by keeping the miles you drive on the low side.

Compare Quotes and Bundle

When looking to purchase auto insurance, you can save money by bundling any other insurance policies you have under one insurance agency. It’s also a good idea to compare at least two or more auto insurance quotes to find the best policy at the right price.

To find out more about purchasing auto insurance in the Eureka, MO area, contact the reputable team at Focus Insurance today.

Because the Home is Where the Heart Is

Insurance is one of the most common ways people protect the things they value. For many in Eureka, MO, that means home insurance because, like most of us, the home is where the heart is. That doesn’t mean, however, than any home insurance policy is the right policy for you. At Focus Insurance, the goal is to do more than offer you home insurance but home insurance that fits.

The Right Insurance Policy

Everything changes and that includes your home. From the size to improvements and upgrades and even location, the right insurance partner is the one that will change with you. One article that discussed the increasing home appreciation value in places like Eureka, MO said this:

"Buyers want to know that the property they are buying is well worth what they are going to pay for it. Fortunately, for those living in or relocating to Missouri the options are plentiful."

While the appreciation of your home is one change, countless others will also contribute to determining what the best policy is for you. That means coverage that meets your needs and protects what you care about because the best plan is the one that fits your home and your life.

Because It’s Home

It may be your first home or your fifth, it is yours, and it is the place you call home. We know all the practical and responsible reasons for protecting our investment, but this is about more than money – this is where the heart is. 

If you need to update your policy, want to compare plans, or if you would just like to know more about our home insurance options, contact us today to schedule an appointment. Home is where the heart is – and we can never be too careful with our heart.