When should you review your home insurance policy?

There is no place like home, home is where the heart is, and home sweet home are all ways to express just how important your home is to you and your family. Protecting the investment you have made is vital to your financial security. Home insurance is not the same for everyone. Making sure that the coverage you have fits your home and your situation. At Focus Insurance in Eureka, MO, we have more than 20 years of experience providing our clients with personal service and more choices.

When you get your renewal notice for your home insurance, you will have a declaration page with it. On the declaration page is all the information about your policy. The amount of property coverage you have, the amount of liability coverage, your deductible, and any endorsement that you have. It also shows any discounts that you get. You should review this page very carefully every year and think about what you need to change or keep the same. 

If you have made any major repairs to your home, you should review your home insurance to make sure that the amount of coverage you have reflects the current value of your home. If you have replaced your roof, you should let your insurance agent know so that they can see about finding a better rate for you. 

Have you added a dog to your family? A swimming pool or a trampoline? You should consider if your liability coverage is adequate for the increased risk. 

Have you added any safety equipment? A home security system or smoke detectors connected to the fire department? Make sure your agent is aware of these additions. Is your deductible right for you? These are all things that you should consider as part of your renewal. 

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How Does Umbrella Insurance Protect Someone?

Have you toiled hard to create wealth in Eureka, MO? Umbrella insurance gives you catastrophic protection to a person or company against devastating financially crippling lawsuits warranting a significant amount of money to cater to damages. To feel secure about shielding your assets and your future, you may require the extra level of protection guaranteed by a prolific personal umbrella liability coverage. Umbrella insurance is an additional policy that cushions the current limits of your other insurance coverages like auto and home insurance get exhausted. Connect with us at Focus Insurance serving Eureka MO today. Our charismatic agents will explain to you the various umbrella insurance options available, guaranteeing your protection in various ways as stipulated below. 

 Bodily injury liability coverage: It pays for the cost of bodily injuries you inflict on other parties, and you are at fault. It caters to the cost of medical expenses or liability claims propagated by:

  • Falling of a visitor on your premises sustaining an injury
  • Engagement in a severe auto accident and you are found guilty
  • Harm propagated to others by your dog
  • Your neighbor’s child falls while playing in your yard

Property damage liability coverage: It reimburses the cost of physical destruction you cause to another party’s tangible property. It entails the cost of damage to cars and other property emanating from an auto accident where you are deemed liable.

Owners of rental unit coverage: It safeguards you from prevailing liability you may encounter as a landlord, such as your tenant’s dog biting someone, and you are deemed liable for the injuries.

Protection is provided if you get sued for:

  • Malicious prosecution
  • Mental anguish
  • False arrest, imprisonment, or detention
  • Libel
  • An injurious spoken statement(slander)

Magnificent coverage for you in Eureka, MO is unique. Contact Focus Insurance to establish how to protect yourself and your family with formidable personal umbrella insurance. Our helpful team will assist in tailoring coverage that suits your needs. 

Benefits of Life Insurance

No matter where you live, chances are you must purchase some form of mandatory insurance. But one type of insurance that’s often overlooked – but provides ample benefits – is life insurance. You’ve probably heard some of the myths about life insurance – it’s too expensive, healthy people don’t need it, it’s not necessary if you don’t have dependents. Well, you’ll be happy to know that’s not the case at all! In fact, people of all ages benefit from life insurance.

Understanding how life insurance works can be confusing. Don’t do it alone! Contact Focus Insurance in Eureka, MO to set up an appointment with a friendly and knowledgeable agent. With their guidance and expertise, you’ll find a life insurance plan that fits you and your family’s unique needs! In the meantime, keep reading to learn more about life insurance and some of its many benefits.

In general, life insurance consists of two main categories: term life insurance and whole life insurance. Under these two categories, there are various policies that offer different levels of coverage. Want the freedom to change your policy every few years? Consider term life insurance. Often deemed the most affordable option, term life insurance enables you to adjust your policy depending on your current needs. It’s simple and straightforward, making it an ideal option for first-time policy buyers. If you’d prefer a more comprehensive policy, whole life insurance may be a better fit for you. Whole life insurance offers additional incentives such as accumulating cash value, including others under your policy, and a death benefit.

No matter what policy you choose, life insurance provides protection and peace of mind. Call or stop by Focus Insurance in Eureka, MO to discover your perfect plan today!

Why basic auto insurance may not be right for you

Basic auto insurance is right for some people. It is up to you to decide if you are one of them. It isn’t for everyone since, well it is basic. There are many reasons why it may not be right for you and by talking to your local independent insurance agent you can come up with the perfect auto insurance for you. In Eureka, MO that is Focus Insurance. With more than 20 years of experience, we can provide the guidance you need. 

In Missouri, basic insurance means liability coverage only. You must have 25/50/10. That is $25,000 for one individual in an accident for medical bills and injuries with $50,000 for the complete accident. $10,000 is for property which isn’t much when you consider the price of a vehicle. 

Basic liability coverage is fine if you don’t have a lot of assets. But if you have assets you need to make sure they are protected, and you will need considerably more than basic liability coverage. If you have a lot of assets you may even want to consider adding an umbrella policy for maximum protection. 

While basic insurance protects other people from you, what about your vehicle? If you are a normal person you count on your vehicle every day to do the things that people do, go to work, shop, run errands, and more. If you are responsible for an accident you are responsible for repairing or replacing your vehicle. If you could do that without insurance then maybe basic coverage is okay but if it would be a hardship then you need to carry collision insurance. Comprehensive insurance is another type that protects your vehicle from things beyond your control 

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What to Consider When Selecting Home Insurance in Eureka MO

It’s a fact of life that when you purchase a new home, the first accessory you’ll need to go with it is good insurance. For many homebuyers, the process of finding the right policy that fits your need can be frustrating, especially if they don’t know where to turn. 

If you are purchasing home insurance for the first time, here are a few tips from the team at Focus Insurance to keep in mind.

Comparison shop. When you are looking for a policy, don’t simply settle for the first quote you receive. Instead, compare shop by getting a list of three different home insurance quotes. At the same time, make sure you’re not simply looking for the least expensive option. You need to be sure the policy you go with has the best coverage and the best value. 

Make sure the coverage is right. The most important part of the insurance policy you are selecting is that it should be the right level of coverage. There are several options for levels that cover the common perils for homes, cover condos or mobile homes, and that cover older homes. 

Understand what is not covered. There are different perils that your home could be affected by that may not be covered by an insurance policy. It’s just as important that you understand what is not covered by a policy as what is covered. Some typical causes of damage that policies don’t cover include earthquakes, nuclear hazards, and flooding. 

Look at the details. All home insurance policies typically include options for everything from liability coverage to personal property coverage to replacement costs. Educating yourself on what these options include — and don’t include — will help you select the right best insurance option for your home. 

If you are looking for home insurance in Eureka, MO and would like to learn more about the options available to you, contact Focus Insurance to speak with one of our team members. 

What every boat insurance owner should know about safety

What every boat insurance owner should know about safety

Boating is all fun and adventurous until something terrible happens. Safety in the water should be your top priority, whether you are in the company of friends, have passengers on board, or by yourself. Focus Insurance insists on having quality boat insurance to provide you with the protection you need. So, what can you do to improve safety when boating around Eureka, MO? Here are a few suggestions.

Prepare your day early in advance

When the summer season hits, everyone is eager to hit the water and take their vessel for a voyage. The excitement can easily distract you from focusing on safety and leave you vulnerable to accidents.  Before entering the water, it’s always a good idea to inspect your vessel and check for faults. If the watercraft is in perfect condition, check the weather, take your boating equipment and wear a life jacket.

Invest in maintenance

Just like your car, your boat needs routine maintenance to keep it in perfect condition. You can start by doing the simple duties of cleaning and checking the engine.

Always think about what could possibly go wrong

The water brings a lot of uncertainty. You want to think about what could go wrong and try to figure out what you would do if you are in such a situation. For instance, if you were boating alone in Eureka, MO and accidentally slipped and fell into the water, what would you do? Of course have a life jacket on and a few supplies to last a few days.

Buy boat insurance

Boat insurance is a critical part of your boating life. If you are a water enthusiast, make a point of buying adequate boat insurance to protect you, your loved ones, and any other person on board.

Not sure whether to buy boat insurance? Focus Insurance has everything you need to stay safe on the water. Feel free to call for more information, quotes or policy discussions.

Why do people need umbrella insurance in Eureka?

If you are a resident of the Eureka, MO area, there are many forms of insurance coverage that could be beneficial to have. A type of insurance coverage that you should consider getting is umbrella insurance. There are a few reasons why someone in this part of the state will need to get an umbrella plan. 

Umbrella Coverage Offers Additional Protection

A key reason that you will want to have an umbrella insurance plan is that it will give you additional coverage on top of any current policies you have. Home and auto policies offer some good liability protection but the coverage is limited to the policy cap. If there is a bad accident that exceeds the base plan, the umbrella insurance policy will start to provide you with additional liability protection. This is helpful if you are ever at fault for an accident that has very bad damages.

Umbrella Coverage Covers More Risks

You should also consider getting an umbrella insurance plan as it will cover more risks. A full umbrella insurance plan covers a rather wide range of risks. This can include a variety of liability risks that you may not have thought about otherwise, which are likely not covered by a home or auto insurance plan. This can give you peace of mind that you are prepared for the unexpected. 

There are clearly many reasons that make getting an umbrella insurance plan a good option for those that are in the Eureka, MO area. As you are looking for a new umbrella coverage plan in this area, it would be a good idea to speak with Focus Insurance. As you are looking for a new insurance plan, Focus Insurance can provide the insight you need to determine what type and level of coverage is right for your situation. 

Is your life insurance policy still valid?

Life insurance is something that many individuals do not realize they need. In actuality, a good life indemnity policy can help your loved ones take care of financial responsibilities that you leave behind in Eureka, MO. Is your life insurance plan still valid, though? Focus Insurance can help you understand your policy.

Does a life insurance plan last forever?

A life insurance policy does not necessarily last forever. A whole indemnity plan is valid throughout the entire life cycle as long as you pay the monthly premium in a timely manner. Term life insurance, on the other hand, only lasts for a period of time. 

Many term indemnity plans cover the policyholder for five to ten years. There are other options that provide insurance for up to 20 years, which may come with higher monthly premiums. 

Why do people choose term over whole life insurance?

Whole life insurance tends to be more involved and expensive than a term indemnity policy. Whole life insurance may require you to undergo a physical exam by a doctor in Eureka, MO. 

Term life insurance is oftentimes granted after answering a few questions. Thus, individuals with health conditions that would disqualify them from obtaining a whole life insurance plan tend to gravitate towards term indemnity coverage. Young adults may also see more benefits in term coverage over whole life insurance as they may get more coverage at a cheaper monthly premium rate. 

Is your life insurance plan still valid?

Your life insurance policy may not be valid if you have term coverage. An agent at Focus Insurance can help you understand your current plan and determine if it is time to purchase a new life insurance policy. Call Focus today to get started with a quote for coverage.

Who can I add to my auto policy

In the state of Missouri, you are required to have basic auto insurance. This means basic liability coverage of 25/50/25 and uninsured motorist coverage of 25/50. Your auto insurance will cover all the vehicles you own. Most people have one insurance policy for all of their vehicle and all their immediate family members. When you are in the market for auto insurance Focus Insurance in Eureka MO we have been in business for more than 20 years and offer our customers insurance products from 15 national carriers. 

Auto insurance can be considered a family affair. All of the family members who live in your home can and should be added to your policy. You and your spouse or partner will be the primary insured members and then any other licensed drivers who may drive your car. This includes your children but it can also include grandchildren, nieces and nephews, in-laws, and any family members who actually live in your home and will be driving your vehicles. 

If you have children who have moved out of the house but who you still support, they can also be listed on your auto policy. This means college students get to stay on their parent’s policy. Once a child owns a home or apartment they are considered financially independent and need to get their own policy. If your child marries they need their own policy unless they live with you. 

If you have a caregiver who will be using your vehicle regularly, you should talk to your insurance carrier to see if they need to be listed on your policy as well. But since the insurance is on your vehicle, they may not need to be listed. 

At Focus Insurance in Eureka, MO, we are locally owned and operated and we are here to help you chose the best auto policy for your needs. 

Common Myths About Home Insurance

Home insurance is something every homeowner needs. It protects the structure of a homeowner, the home itself, all personal belongings inside the house. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths about this type of insurance. To help make sure that your house is properly covered, here is the list of most common myths prepared by Focus Insurance serving Eureka, MO that need to be debunked:

Myth 1: Flood Is Covered By Standard Home Insurance

Standard home insurance covers different kinds of natural disasters, including tornadoes, hurricanes, and blizzards. However, a flood is an exception. If you live in a flood-prone area and you want to make sure that your property is fully protected, you will have to get a separate flood insurance policy.

Myth 2: All Personal Belongings Are Covered

The truth is that home insurance has its limits. Even though it covers personal belongings, it may not cover all of them. Therefore, if you have expensive and valuable items in the house, you should get an additional policy to protect them. 

Myth 3: Renters Are Covered By the Policy of Their Landlord

If you rent an apartment and it is destroyed by fire or gets hit by thieves, the landlord’s policy will not cover all damages and losses. Personal belongings will not be covered either. Therefore, if you are a renter, it is important to have renters insurance. Unfortunately, according to the statistics, only about 18% of renters have it. 

Home insurance is the most important type of insurance that every homeowner should have. Even though homeowners’ insurance is not required by law in Missouri, most lenders will require you to purchase it. Now you know the most common myths about it and will be able to find a perfect policy. If you need help or you want to know more about home insurance, do not hesitate to contact Focus Insurance serving Eureka, MO – our insurance agents are here for you.